Why questions always work

Water wheels always work. 

They always work because they operate on a universal principle.  “Water always seeks its lowest level.”

Likewise, Q-D thinking always works because it operates on another universal principle, “Thinking always follows questions.”

When was the last time you ate chocolate?

I’m not asking you to write your answer in the comment space below.  I am using the question to point out that the mind lives on questions, devours questions, needs questions.   Even if no one is listening, the mind cannot help but search for answers when a question comes up.

It’s automatic. 

Even without you and me getting into a conversation about dark vs milk, your mind couldn’t help but begin sorting trough your life experience to find the last time you bit in.  It’s just like when you enter words into your search engine.  Enter any few words in Google, click search and answers begin coming in.

A secret of focus and performance

This is the good news, the bad news and the new news:  Your mind is not out of control.  It is not randomly rambling on inside your head.

There is a simple process for having much more control over the conversations you have with yourself.  The activity of your mind is question-driven.  You can immediately have a more productive, more rewarding life by crafting and choosing the questions you assign your mind.

What can you do about it?

No matter what else you may be up to in life, I urge you to become a student of questions because if you are not using questions in your favor, you are squandering your most powerful resource.

Find out more

For a more complete discussion of the Theory of Q-D Thinking and why it can help your business, go to the article, The Discovery of Question-Driven Collective Thinking.


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