The “latency” factor of questions

How many of you have had experiences like this:   I was talking with some friends the other evening and we were trying to recall the name of the fellow in the Bible who had his hair cut off and lost all his strength, only to regain it when his hair grew back.  We all drew a blank.  While dancing, about an hour later, into my head pops “Sampson!”   I had completely left the question in the restaurant, but it hadn’t left me.

My point here is that questions operate like mind crawlers and they work, searching, sifting, sorting and organizing your life experience into possible answers–even when you are off doing something else.  The mind lives on questions, requires questions to provide it with direction.  When you ponder a question that is important to you–and when I say “question,” I mean one of those sentences that ends with a question mark–your mind will run with it. 

The mind is quite neutral.  It will entertain equally “How can I express my appreciation?” as well as “How could anybody be so stupid?’   For this reason, I see people’s lives turn around when they take responsibility for the questions they feed their minds.  

Here’s one you might ask yourself.  What questions can I ask myself that will bring out more of my brilliance?  And watch your mind come up with questions that will generate more desirable activity in your head! 

What questions are you asking that capture the attention and tap the capacity of your mind?


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