About Question-Driven Solutions

The purpose of QDS is to provide tools for personal and organizational transformation, tools which bring coherence to the way people think and work.  The working premise is that every organization has the innate ability to perform at a higher, more coherent level.  Given an authentic opportunity to make a real difference, the individuals involved will rise to the occasion.

When people contribute to a purpose greater than themselves and are appreciated, there is no limit to what they can accomplish together.  People are innately interconnected and operate more effectively when given an authentic opportunity to cooperate.

Question-Driven Solutions has been inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller and is dedicated to a world that works for all.

About Robert Bystrom

My background is in personal communication, education and art.  Among the benchmarks in my life are being a graduate of Cal Berkeley, Peace Corps Volunteer in India, CEO of Springer Exercise Equipment Corp. in San Francisco, and founding director of Collective Intelligence Solutions, the predecessor to Question-Driven Solutions.  I have developed and taught personal communicating skills and authored a book, Communicating for Life–A guide to authentic relating.  In 1997, I co-produced the Women’s Global Voice, a grassroots vision-building event involving approximately one million people in all 50 states and 126 countries.  Woven through all this has been an ongoing career as a professional artist under the brush name of Newman Love.

Since 2001, I have helped many organizations, whose work requires clear thinking and effective collaboration, to improve their communications and increase the coherence of their work flow.   The organizations include small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and  community action committees,  as well as departments in some of Scandinavia’s largest corporations, including Ericsson Telecommunications and Tetrapak.

My home is in the beautiful Northwest city of Bellingham, Washington.