The role of questions in the every-day functioning of people’s thinking has gone largely unappreciated.  On careful examination, however, it becomes clear that the questions we entertain, both alone as well as with others, might hold our greatest leverage for organizational change and cooperation.

The Discovery of Question-Driven Collective Intelligence    The discovery of the principles underlying the most important of all human attributes, our capacity for deliberate thought, are parallel to a watershed discovery in the world of art.  When the principles of question driven thinking are applied to organizations, the effect is geometric acceleration.  (Approximate reading time:  4 minutes.)

The Segue–A Game Changing Game    The Segue™ is a problem-solving activity which brings out the creative genius of a group of people who share a common purpose.  (Approximate reading time less than 2 minutes.)

What is the Segue?   An in-depth discussion of the specific needs of business organizations which this innovative technology meets.


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