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  1. I am a newly trained teacher and am interested in student-driven learning. I think The Seque could be a valuable asset to the classroom in which students drive the curriculum. Do you know any educators who have used it in the public schools? Is there a local trainer in Bellingham, Wa? Thank you.

    • Hi, Dawn.
      Congratulations on choosing your career. I am the local trainer in Bellingham and would love to support your interest in student-driven learning. How often in life have I found myself with answers to queswtions the students (or my kids) aren’t asking. Sadly, I still see many school teachers who consider it their job to provide answers. My philosophy is that learning takes place only in response to curiosity, which means that the teacher’s role is not to supply information, but to pique children’s curiosity and provide opportunities for exploration. My early career training was in education, so I am very familiar with the conflicts between a teacher’s aspirations and the system’s expectations. A neighbor recently retired after years in the grades. Her approach was to teach children how to ask questions. Nothing is more natural than children wanting to learn, but our answer-driven system too often puts a damper on that.
      If you are interested, I will find out if she would be interested in talking with you. I will also keep you posted on upcoming trainings we do here in B’ham. All the best as you prepare for your new flock.

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