Question-Driven Success Stories

The Question-Driven Approach™ is a way of bringing multiple heads together on any project of shared interest, regardless of the number of people or length of time involved.  Here are a few examples.

  • Shortened contract negotiations between a TV production company and a new content provider, creating an uncontested agreement for which neither side needed to compromise.
  • Created the purpose, vision and mission of the newly formed Norwegian Coaching Federation within two hours and all members participating.
  • Created the enthusiastic participation of all members of a farming community in forming an organization to halt aggressive development.
  • Formed the operating system—from planning through completion—of a UNESCO conference on religious diversity.
  • Provided a high school student parliament the opportunity for everyone to have an equal voice in forming student policy.
  • Turned destructive competition within an executive team into powerful collaboration.
  • Gave the staff of a dental office the tools for making ongoing practice improvement.
  • Helped the supervisors and managers of a nursing facility solve complex staffing and scheduling problems.
  • Helped the partners in a medical practice to develop unconventional marketing strategies.
  • Helped the field staff of a public water utility make the union-mandated transition from on-site, manual river flow control to off-site, digital control.
  • Allowed a coaching firm to quickly rethink and repackage their services and products in response to sudden changes in their market.
  • Replaced an office environment of pettiness, gossip and status with one of cooperation focused on customer satisfaction.
  • Helped a community-based environmental coalition unite on organizational priorities and strategy.

To find a program that could help your business or non-profit achieve exceptional results, go to Programs.  You will find lots of free resources loaded with valuable information to help you get started.


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