Skill-Building for Managers

This program, customized for each company or organization, consists of a series of simple, easy-to-learn communication skills which managers can use in order to call on their team members’ ability to think together to solve problems.  

I show managers and team leaders how to use a simple, flexible problem-solving template called a Segue that can be adapted for one-on-one meetings, planning sessions, product development, resource locating, and priority setting–for any occasion when two or more heads would be better than one.  A Segue is designed to focus everyone’s attention on the topic at-hand so as to tap a greater capacity for creating solutions to complex problems.

We humans possess an awesome capacity to solve problems and to come up with great ideas especially as a team effort.  When people put their minds to work together, they tap into an unstoppable resource.  As when the river was rising in South Fork, everyone in the community found a way to contribute to saving the town.

Managers will learn:

  • constructive speaking and listening skills.
  • a simple problem-solving template that can be adapted for any situation, whether one-on-one meetings, planning or product development sessions, resource locating, etc.
  • additional tools to strengthen collaboration with their team in order to accomplish projects and tasks.

To find out how Question-Driven Solutions might help you take your organization to the next level, contact me here.